Photo Gallery

Hotel Fire in Lehighton, PA

This commercial fire happened on the third floor of a hotel in Lehighton, PA. The Hotel staff reacted quickly and put the fire out, but as a result the entire third floor was covered with a light layer of soot and fire extinguisher dust. Our crews dispatched quickly and had the entire third floor cleaned in a matter of 4 hours. Because of our fast response, the hotel was able to stay open and did not lose any reservations during the process.

Commercial Fire in Plains Township, PA

This is a large commercial fire in Plains Township, PA. This historical building required very detailed cleaning of the entire structure. Because of its size and scope, weneeded to construct large sections of scaffolding in order to reach difficult areas for cleaning. This is a picture of scaffolding that was erected to reach the upper areas of the walls as well as the ceiling.

Water Loss in Drums, PA

This water damage happened in Drums, PA. Because of the loss size and because of the amount of saturated structural materials, our crew used this desiccant dehumidifier to assist in the drying process. A desiccant dehumidifier can be more efficient and effective when drying large areas of affected wood and concrete and works well when temperatures aren't at their optimal levels. Because the desiccant was used, we were able to complete this job in 3 days and the client was extremely happy!

Power For Large Water Loss in Mountain Top, PA

When Performing this large commercial water loss in Mountain Top, PA, power was essential. The amount of equipment being used on this project required more power than the building itself could supply. In this photo a technician is getting ready to install these temporary power distribution boxes that run off of our large commercial generators. This enabled us to run all of our equipment and get the customer back up and running!

Commercial Fire in Wilkes-Barre, PA

This is a fire that happened to a historical building in Wilkes-Barre, PA. Our crews worked tirelessly to remove the damaged carpet in this large meeting room as well as clean the entire structure from top to bottom. Specialty equipment was also placed to assist in removing smoke odor from the building and plastic sheeting was used to cover and protect content.

Large Fire in Hanover Township, PA

This is the response our customers can expect when they call SERVPRO of Hanover Township/Bear Creek for emergency service. This large fire happened when roofers ignited insulation during the construction of the building. Because the builder was on a tight schedule, they required our crews to work over the weekend to remove all the soot from the building as well as dry it out. They were very happy with the results.

Commercial Fire in Plains Township, PA

This is a containment barrier being erected at a large commercial fire in Plains Township, PA. When working on a large project, it is the responsibility of our supervisors to asses the loss site and direct crews to set up critical barriers to protect important areas from cross contamination. 

Temporary Power

When SERVPRO of Hanover Township/Bear Creek is called to a large commercial fire or water damage, we have to make sure we are prepared for all types of situations. This is one of our large commercial generators capable of supplying power to massive amounts of equipment and allowing us to work in any condition.

Storm Damage in Scranton, PA

This was the result of a Micro-burst in Scranton, PA. The sudden downpour of rain caused a Hospital's lower level maintenance area to flood. the water damaged the carpet and the drywall walls in the shop. The Facilities Manager was extremely happy with our fast response and the results of our work.

Tornado Damage in Wilkes-Barre, PA

This is the aftermath of an EF2 tornado that damaged a large commercial building in the Wilkes-Barre area. SERVPRO of Hanover Township/Bear Creek was contacted to extract the storm water out of the heavily water damaged building so the recovery of content could begin and the building could be secured.

Water Damage in Bear Creek Township, PA

This is the after Picture of a water damage that happened in the pro shop of a local golf club. All of the water was extracted and multiple layers of flooring were removed to allow for our technicians to set equipment to dry out the remaining structure.

Water Damage to Business in Wilkes-Barre, PA

When a significant water damage occurred in the club house of the local golf course, SERVPRO of Hanover Township/Bear Creek was called to mitigate the loss. Our crews responded quickly and were able to identify all of the issues and start the process of getting this local business back up and running for the new season!

Frozen Pipes in Mountain Top, PA

When winter storms hit the Mountain Top, PA area pipes started to freeze. When the weather decided to warm up those pipes decided to burst and cause major water damage to homes. even when there is "feet" of snow because of winter storms homeowners know they can rely on SERVPRO of Hanover Township/Bear Creek to respond.

Frozen Pipes in Lake Harmony, PA

When the Polar Vortex arrived over the winter it wreaked havoc on vacation home heating units and pipes in the Lake Harmony, PA region. Homeowners and contractors relied on the assistance of SERVPRO of Hanover Township/Bear Creek and our specialty heating units to thaw out the frozen pipes and temporarily heat the structures. In many instances we also used these same units to dry out crawlspaces affected by water damage from the frozen pipes.

Head Start in Nanticoke, PA

Every year, SERVPRO of Hanover Township/Bear Creek staff members dedicate their time during the Christmas Holiday to assist the local chapter of the Head Start program in Nanticoke, PA. From our office toy drive to the technicians taking time to read Christmas books to the class, we take pride in helping make the children of Head Start smile!

Water Damage in Dupont, PA

This Business in Dupont, PA sustained water damage to its main area from a rain storm that passed through the area. Our crews responded quickly to extract all of the water and begin to dry the structure out!

Commercial Water damage in Luzerne County, PA

This Business in Luzerne County, PA sustained a water damage after a pipe burst in the break area. Our technicians quickly extracted all of the water and dried the area thoroughly. The company was very happy with our response!

Commercial Water Damage in Mountain Top, PA

This Business located in an industrial park in Mountain Top, PA sustained a large water damage over a weekend. Our crews dispatched quickly and extracted all of the water before drying the structure out with our equipment. The business owner was extremely pleased!

Fire Damage in Scranton, PA

This large facility in Scranton, PA sustained a major fire and smoke loss. After the structure and contents were completely cleaned of soot, a final odor control treatment was performed. In this picture one of our technicians is performing a thermal fogging treatment to ensure the smell of smoke is eliminated. 

Commercial Water Damage in Scranton, PA

This Medical facility in Scranton, PA sustained a major water loss to it lower level. Because shutting down wasn't an option, our technicians worked tirelessly to mitigate the loss and then set up containment to allow other parts of the facility to continue to function.

Large Water Damage in Wilkes-Barre, PA

This water damage in Wilkes-Barre, PA occurred in the showroom of a local car dealership. Because business interruption was a major concern to both the customer and insurance company, our technicians were able to use creative drying techniques to minimize demolition and get the business back open in days!

Large Loss Fire Damage in Drums, PA

This was during the cleaning process of a large fire and smoke damage in Drums, PA. This fire occurred in the main vehicle bay of the towns fire department causing extensive smoke damage throughout. Because of the importance of this building, our crews worked around the clock to get the Fire Department Back up and running quickly. 

Water Damage From Storm in Bear Creek, PA

This business in Bear Creek, PA sustained extensive water damage from a microburst that dumped large amounts of rain throughout the area. Our on call crews responded fast. They were able to extract the water and set drying equipment, saving the majority of the building materials in the process. The business owner was extremely happy with our service!

Fire Board Up in Plains, PA

This is the after picture of a fire board up we performed for a customer in Plains, PA. Our crews were able to quickly respond to secure the building for safety reasons. 

Commercial Storm Damage in Dupont, PA

This is a picture of a business in Dupont, PA after it sustained water damage from a storm that dumped heavy rains throughout the area. our crews were able to quickly extract the water, remove the damaged floors and set drying equipment. The business owner was extremely happy with our work and quick response!

Chemical Sponge Cleaning

Side by side picture of a chemical sponge cleaning from a puff back. A puff back is a misfiring in the furnace that can send soot throughout your home, covering drapes, bedding, furniture, cabinets, walls, and everything in between.

Water Damage in Hanover Township, PA

SERVPRO of Hanover Township/ Bear Creek helping restore a Goodwill store locally after a water damage event,  making it "Like it never even happened" so the store could re-oepn for business.

Dry Ice Blasting a Fire Damage in Pittston Township, PA

At SERVPRO of Hanover Township/Bear Creek we are on the cutting edge when it comes to fire mitigation and mold remediation. Dry ice-blasting is a form of carbon dioxide cleaning, where dry ice, the solid form of carbon dioxide, is accelerated in a pressurized air stream and directed at a surface in order to clean a surface. Dry-ice blasting leaves no chemical residue as dry ice melts at room temperature. This particular method of cleaning is ideal for cleaning heavy soot or fire damage from building structure. It can also be used in some mold remediation claims.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Why Choose SERVPRO of Hanover Township/Bear Creek? Because our team uses the latest  equipment to help you in your time of need. Ultrasonic cleaning is a process that uses ultrasound waves to effectively deep clean items. With this technology our technicians are able to clean a vast array of content that is affected by fire, water or mold, including electronics. 

Personal Protective Equipment

Not all jobs are created equal and neither is PPE! Personal protective equipment (PPE) refers to protective clothing, helmets, goggles, or other garments or equipment designed to protect the wearer's body from injury or infection. OSHA requires PPE when coming in contact with chemical, radiological, physical, electrical, mechanical, or other workplace hazards. Our technicians are highly trained and understand the need to use the proper PPE in the right situations.